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Kindergarten Registration is NOW OPEN!!

Register your Kindergarten for the 2024-25 school year! Use this link to start the registration process:

Your child must be 5 years old by July 31st, 2023 in order to register. Any questions? Please call 701-857-4400. Thank you.


Student safety is our number one priority here at Edison Elementary. We try to take every step possible to insure that safety. One area that is concerning is the drop off and pick up of students from school. During drop off and pick up, avoid parking on the north side of 17th Avenue. We have noticed that when this happens, students need to cross the street during a very busy time, especially at at the end of the day. I know parking is at a premium at that time, but it is important to understand the safety risks by picking up at that location. Another concern is the north side of the loop in front of the school. A number of students are dropped off or picked up there causing students to cross traffic in order to either enter the school or get in the vehicle. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Jeremy Mehlhoff, Principal Edison Elementary


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