Minot Pubic School policy allows students to have outdoor recess as long as the actual temperature is -5 or above, or the wind chill (feel like temp.) is -15 or above. All students go outside for recess. Appropriate outside clothing is a necessity. All students are require to have snow pants and boots in order to play off of the sidewalk and on the playground equipment. An extra pair of mittens and socks in the backpack is always a great idea. PLEASE! Label all winter clothing. Make sure your child is dressed for recess!


Please note the following immunizations are required for all students attending Minot Public Schools. 5 DTAP 4 IPV 2 MMR 3 HEP B 2 Varicella If your child receives new immunizations, please bring an updated record to the school office. If your child's immunizations are not up to date as of October 1, 2023 they will be excluded from school until their immunizations are current. Thank you!